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Full Version: menu item hotkey without immediately enter?
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hi, i not find any user option for assign hotkey to menu item which would only change focus, and user must manualy press enter... can be please this option be added? if not can someone please point me to part of src where i can disable it before compile? thanks Smile

btw: as novice with iPXE (before longtime PXELINUX user) i have more questions, is better create separated thread for each? or better make one thread with more "novice question" ? :-)
you can use hidden key to change menu default item


item a a itemA
item b b itemB

item -k a selecta
item -k b selectb
choose -d ${m} -k m
goto ${m} || goto menu${m}

#prompt Aselect
set m a
goto menu

#prompt Bselect
set m b
goto menu

prompt A
goto menu

prompt B
goto menu
many thanks, this workaround work, but i have many (~130) items(in main and sub and subsub/subsubsub/... menus) with hotkey, then if all change to double items menu + create for each item_select part, this make whole ipxe scripts little confusing for me :-)

i still hope someone point me to source part, i try 2 hours search&read .c/.h files where find "key" "shortcut" "menu" etc, try make some change, but without success, because sure one word/line for change disabling enter for hotkey i miss :-)
i found it... here is patches for others :-)

apply this patch for globally disabling enter for all items with --key used:

or apply this for menu item option -n or --noenter for user way specify item(s) with key without enter in *.ipxe skript:
nice, though I can't see your code. it's forbidden to use Google.com in my country
is not possible to me add here attachment (.patch, tar.xv say not supported, tar.gz is supported but error about not writen), if paste to messages in code, then is missed tabs, then for sure patch work without problem, i save to here where as raw checked is same as i have on disk...
believe it or not, gist.github.com is forbidden in my country, though github.com is ok.
got it, finally Smile

thanks you a lot
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