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Full Version: Make a floppy disk NIC ROM boot like gPXE and rom-o-matic
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Hi all, i would like to know if i can make a floppy disk network boot with iPXE (instead burning a rom to a NIC) like gPXE and rom-o-matic ( the site is offline) Sad

Thank u :Rolleyes
Where did you try looking for an answer before asking here?
Hi Nikize. I generated floppy disks images with gPXE and rom-o-matic years ago, but the rom-o-matic site is down and i don't know other way to write the rom to a diskette to make it boot.
iPXE has a command to do this?

I tried finding a answer googling.
Ok, i found a solution here: http://schierlm.users.sourceforge.net/bootdisk/
Its an All On One diskette 1.44MB image that contains gPXE 0.9.3

Thank u all

P.D. Its would be awesome to have not only an iPXE ISO image but a .img diskette too Smile.
http://ipxe.org/download has links to downloads, both iso and dsk files (see boot.ipxe.org if the downloads page is to confusing)
You can build floppys a quick search for "ipxe on floppy" should find answers on the forum among other places.

there is also rom-o-matic for ipxe

I would not search for gPXE since that is dead... which search terms did you use and failed?
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