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Full Version: Is there a way to do like keyword 'e' in grub
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There is keyword 'e' which provides me to edit the grub menu before a actually kernel loading or OS loading/boot. Is iPXE menu also have a similar way to do it so that it would be easier to add or remove this or that kernel parameter.
May be with TAB key or go to shell (cmdline) ?
It not more convenient than the keyword 'e' in grub. If I get into iPXE cmdline, I have to type a long string somewhat like,
kernel xxxxxxx kernel parameter
initrd xxxxxxx
I don't think the exact functionality is possible to do in ipxe, as here the menu entries are simple jumps to a label in the script - you don't necessarily have them 1:1 associated with kernel image and parameters.

What you probably could do is to have another item toggling a true/false variable if the user wants to edit the kernel + command line, and use the read command if it should prompt the user. A variant with no menu is actually used as an example in the docs:

Quote:Allow user to edit a kernel command line before booting
set cmdline selinux=0 console=ttyS0,115200n8 console=tty0
  echo -n Kernel command line: ${}
  read cmdline
  chain http://my.web.server/vmlinuz ${cmdline}
thanks, that might be the only way to implement.
You could read this if you want...

there's a variable named ${scriptlet} who could could be usefull.
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