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Full Version: WinPE 1903 Not Booting via wimboot (BIOS)
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Hi All -

Been using wimboot to boot WinPE for quite some time now. I've just created a new WIM to get the latest version of WinPE (1903 / 10.0.18362.1). I've also pulled out the BCD and boot.sdi files from the media folder.

The WIM boots up fine in EFI, but does not complete booting in BIOS mode. The boot process looks OK, but after boot it shows disk info and freezes. I can boot my older WIM on this same system just fine.

[Image: Boot.png]

Not sure what to look for! =/

Thanks in advance!

After some more experimentation, it looks like this was the VM I was using. 1903 wasn't happy with the settings that the older release was fine with. I was able to boot to a physical system in legacy BIOS just fine, as well as a different VM. I changed the OS setting for the VM and it booted as expected.

Thanks for the views, and more thanks for wimboot!
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