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Full Version: ISO build - Not taking config options
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So I have been building and testing an EFI image. All is working well, I am using NFS for my environment and have enabled various options in the build under config/general.h

The issue is when I want to build the same environment but using an ISO image. I build the ISO successful however when i boot into the ISO its just the default options and hasn't built the ISO with my config/general.h edits. It even shows a different version of iPXE. I cannot understand this ?

EFI build:

make bin-x86_64-efi/ipxe.efi

Boot into my custom options (NFS ect.....)

[Image: L5SL8q2]

ISO Build:

root@srv:~/ipxe/src# make bin/ipxe.iso
make: 'bin/ipxe.iso' is up to date.

I make the ISO, I would think it uses the same config files as when i build my EFI image. When i boot this it goes into this, which just looks like the default ISO ?

[Image: MhsFgss]

Any pointers ?

in one case you are building an efi binary, in the other a pcbios image, are you sure it is actually booting the correct thing and not something else?

Also images not visible.
Thanks for the reply, I had some strange cache issue on the VM I was running. Please close this one

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