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Full Version: Setting console picture breaks the display when Ubuntu boots into kernel
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So I've been battling an issue for a few days now. The issue is as follows::

Boot into iPXE efi image
Load custom PHP menu with the picture code::

echo "console --x 1024 --y 768 --picture\n";

The menu loads fine and I see the picture, all looks good.

I then boot an ISO image using the following::

echo "sanboot --no-describe --drive 0x81 http://".$server."/ISO/".$iso." || goto failed\n";
echo "goto start\n";

This loads grub fine, I see everything. Once i choose to Boot into the installer it gives me a display issue

[Image: YXrMFYW]

I have spent so much time on this as I thought it was installer / grub / VM video driver issue.

After much trial and error, the issue is being cuased by iPXE and the console code to load the picture. If i remove the picture the installer display loads as normal and I can complete the install.

Can someone please advise on how I could fix this ?

I do want a custom background but when its set its causing display issues once my installer starts for Ubuntu 18. I have tried on various different Hypervisors and Physical machines and they all have the same issues.

Not sure why you would boot an iso, but what is the actual error you are seeing?
I need to boot into an ISO for various reasons which I won't go into just now. The issue is the display is distorted as shown in the picture


I see the original post didn't inset the image correctly.
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