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Full Version: iPXE on win10 1909 and hyperV
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I am a happy user of iPXE with standard USB on fixed PCs. I wanted to try it with virtual machines with HyperV but I see that the standard way to produce a simple "shell" is not working and everything is stuck. This with Gen1 or Gen2 VM.
Where can I find some guide explaining how to build this ISO files and use them into HyperV?
By the way, I tried the same with VirtualBox and had no problems. But you know, now I'm curious to have hyperV working with iPXE.
Gen2 is efi, make sure that you build the efi binary and then put it on a usb device manually at first, and then go from there.
Thanks, I will try it.
What about the Gen1? I tried with legacy and not network card, but still stuck.
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