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Full Version: get DHCP/Option#67 inside a script
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Inside a script...

How can I get the "Boot File Name" passed in DHCP option 67 AngelRolleyes

in this case can be "ipxe.efi", "undionly.kpxe", "ipxe.lkrn", etc. etc.
what about ${67} or ${filename} also run the config command and see what pop up
hi nikize.... that option gives me the script name...
I want to know the name of the ipxe file
that executed the current script (ipxe.ipx, snponly-x86-64.efi, undionly.kpxe, etc. etc. )

I just want to know (inside the script) if the current boot
was originated from BIOS or from EFI firmware
(i dont really need those ipxe file names...)
Did you try config command?
Hint there is platform containing pcbios or efi
that was what I used
(when i realized i cannot grab the executing ipxe file name)

the snippet created is:

iseq ${platform} efi && set xPLT EFI ||
iseq ${platform} pcbios && set xPLT BIOS ||
isset ${platform} || set xPLT Unknown

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