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Full Version: boot command does not do anything
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I'm slowly converting some ipxe scripts to be compatible with EFI, and making progress!

I got one problem left and I cannot see the reason why (maybe I have stared to it, the whole day!). So I really someone can help me out!

In the old (BIOS) situation I had an ISO of GRML (small linux distro for recovery which I could load with the memdisk.iso hack. Ofcourse this won't work with UEFI and I have made the following config:

dhcp net0
set httpsrc http://x.x.x.x.x/grml
echo 'Loading initrd...'
set httpsrc
initrd ${httpsrc}/boot/grml64small/initrd.img initrd
echo 'Chaining'
chain ${httpsrc}/boot/grml64small/vmlinuz boot=live fetch=${httpsrc}/live/grml64-small/grml64-small.squashfs apm=power-off nomce noprompt noeject grml2ram vga=791 lang=de ssh=grml
sleep 2

The above code should work on BIOS mode, but when reaching the boot command nothing happens, no errors, just nothing Huh

vmlinuz : 5751952 bytes [EFI] [SELECTED] "boot=live fetch= apm=power-off nomce noprompt noeject grml2ram vga=791 lang=de ssh=grml"                                
initrd.img : 30557204 bytes "initrd.img"

Big Heart if anyone could point me to the right direction!

http://www.jimmy.co.at/weblog/2016/04/22...-via-ipxe/ (the old hacky way)
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