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Full Version: can't find filename when using ipxe
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i have a win 2k8 server that hands out the wdsnbp.com file. regular pxe clients get the file fine. the ipxe client fails to get the file. should it get it automatically or i have to specify it.
You shouldn't need to specify it. If you want to debug what information ipxe gets from the dhcp server, you can manually test it out.

When you start up iPXE, go into the shell by pressing Ctrl-B. Then you type "dhcp" (without quotes) and press enter. If it doesn't give you any errors, type out the command "config" to see what parameters dhcp gave you. You should see wdsnbp.com as the filename. If you see wdsnbp.com everything required for the "autoboot" command to work should be present and things should work. If you do not see the wdsnbp.com in filename, your DHCP server is most likely setup wrong, or you're having a network communication issue (maybe a network card driver issue).
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