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Full Version: Booting to Public(internet TFTP Server) For open source FOG menu
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Dear All,

I had Installed the on cloud server a Ubuntu server with Open Source FOG Imaging solution. I am looking for booting my laptop/desktop to this TFTP server(fog Server) from any source of internet on laptop irrespective it is connected via DATA CARD/Office LAN/Home Internet. Please suggest and help on getting this achieve if possible.


The easiest thing you can do is to create a USB or CD image with an embedded iPXE script that points to a public-facing webserver that contains the real boot script. This boot script (on the web server) can then dispatch further to the FOG network boot program (NBP).

iPXE only supports wired and wireless ethernet adapters. It doesn't support 3G, analog modem or ISDN devices. The main website shows you how to build both the USB/CD image, and there is also a howto on how to include an embedded script into your image.
GM Robinsmidsrod

Thanks for quick reply on same, I saw the home page for custom script, as still i am confused with scripting part, if you can help me with sample script Which can use USB/CD Booting to local DHCP Server and getting TFTP Boot to/from Internet IP TFTP server Address.

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