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Full Version: remotely controlled bootmenu
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Hi everyone.

I would like to set up some remotely controlable bootmenu for a number of PCs in a multiboot environment.
I've already tried to use normal PXE-Booting to reach this behavior and its working quite well but since there is no server verification and all PCs are public, I would like to set up iPXE with server verification.

My solution without https is to boot grub2 over tftp/pxe which is able to boot Windows or Linux from local harddisk.

I've already tried to set up ipxe with https (as described in ipxe.org/crypto) but its always saying: Permisson denied (http://ipxe.org/020de23c)

Can anyone help me about this setup?
According to the link you posted, it seems like this is most likely related to a mismatch on the "name" attribute of the TLS certificate.

Verify that the cert name you use matches the host you're trying to connect to. This I got from the link to tls.c, namely https://git.ipxe.org/ipxe.git/blob/maste...ls.c#l1375

You might want to build with DEBUG=tls to see more detailed information about crypto errors.
Thanks. That was the problem.
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