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Full Version: Chainload iPXE from Grub2
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This is my first post, so hello to everyone.

I searched the whole forum, but didn't find any solution for my problem.

I have a GRUB2 which is loaded from TFTP server (booti386). When the computer boots from the network with pxe it recieves the grub2 boot loader. I want to add iPXE to my grub2 menuentry becouse I love how great this iPXE is Smile. I don't want to resign from my grub2. All of my files are on HTTP server.

I tried....
menuentry " == iPXE == " {
    echo "Downloading iPXE...."
    linux16 (http)/iPXE/ipxe.lkrn
    echo "Downloading menu.ipxe..."
    initrd16 (http)/iPXE/menu.ipxe
    echo "booting..."

[Image: Bez-tytu-u.jpg]

[Image: Bez-tytu-u2.jpg]

ipxe.lkrn and menu.ipxe are downloading correctly, so no problem with http or connection with server. The problem is that it just doesn't work. The cursors just blinks in endless loop and nothing appears.

Am I missing something ? Sorry If this was already answered, but I did not find any post with the same problem.
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