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Full Version: Multiple tftp interfaces on 1 virtual server for iPXE / WDS
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Hello everyone!

First of all: iPXE is great! Thanks for that!

Here's my situation:

Virtual Windows 2019 Standard Server on a VMware ESXi 6.7 for TFTP and iPXE.

One network interface. The solarwinds free TFTP server listen on port 69 and all files for iPXE are stored in the root path. Works fine so far.

I want to add a second network interface and install the windows WDS and bind the WDS only to that interface.

The primary network interface on ip shall be managed by the solarwinds free TFTP server for the iPXE boot.

The second network interface on ip shall be managed by the WDS service.

I want to add a menu option in iPXE for chainloading the WDS services.

In that way i could manage all Windows related installations with the WDS services and for the other stuff i add menu items in iPXE for Ubuntu http start or whatever.

The DHCP server in that network leads the clients to the primary TFTP server ip using the DHCP options 66,67.

Is this a possible scenario? Can this work? I dont want to install another virtual machine for WDS. With two different network interfaces in the virtual machine it should work, right?

Please give me feedback! I appreciate it a lot! Thanks!
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