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Full Version: WinXP image issue.
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Hello, i'm building some images for POS terminals based on WinXP Pro.

3 images completed perfectly without issues. In BIOS first boot devise is LAN, second HDD. I have ipxe menu with ability load iscsi disk or hdd (depends on default selection of menu) and both selection works correctly.

But with fourth image i have following problem - if i have both boot devices in BIOS enabled, ISCSI disk boot hangs on black screen without response (on already build image) or if I'm trying to setup WinXP it's hangs on "Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration..." without end. If I turn off HDD as second boot device - ISCSI disk load correctly or setup is starting.

Any idea or maybe BIOS version issue ?

Sorry for my English in forward and thx for attentionSmile
up! in hope of assistance Smile
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