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Full Version: Can't load EFI file in iPXE that works fine in the BIOS EFI Shell
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I am trying to use iDmiEditEfi64.efi which is part of the Intel Firmware Integrator Tools iDmi but can't get it to work within iPXE. Other EFI files load fine. But specific this one doesn't. It is 64bit just as my system and it works if I use the Intergraded EFI shell from the BIOS. But it doesn't run from the iPXE shell or an menu. It gives first OK for loading the file followed by the error 0x7F0482FF Is there an option in the iPXE config that I must enable before loading this kind of efi files? Chainloading or imgload doesn't make a difference.

The BIOS is in UEFI mode without legacy support just to be complete.
The iDmiEditEfi64.efi can set an asset in de SMBIOS/DMI
Since this was also posted on GitHub discussions, let's keep it there https://github.com/ipxe/ipxe/discussions/550

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