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Full Version: Intel I350 with AlmaLinux9/Grub2 Network Issue
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Ok this is a strange one.
I uEFI pxe boot and get a menu. When I attempt to load iPXE it fails, as it does not receive an IP.

My simple test is a file that just starts iPXE in shell mode.
When I enter dhcp from the prompt, it times out. I do see a DHCPOFFER and ACK in the var/log/messages file.

I am using dnsmasq as the DHCP server.

My previous PXE server was running Centos8 and had no issues.

My .efi file was built with snponly.efi. I also used ipxe.efi - Same Results
The i350 is a 4 port adding card, in a Dell R740xd system.
When I used a 10Gb dac cable on the base board 25Gb Broadcom it also works.

Any ideas?
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Be sure to include output from ifstat after running dhcp,
Try latest version of iPXE which has fixes for vlans.
snponly.efi should definitely work here, as long as you don't have firmware driver bugs.
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