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Full Version: vcreate in script and system reset
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I am attempting to use an ipxe script to set up a vlan (2500) on net0 and initiate a dhcp on the interface (net0-2500). Here is the script I am trying to use.


vcreate --tag 2500 net0
dhcp net0-2500

chain -c

The system behaves as though the reset button is pushed a split second after the vcreate is run. I have shortened the script down to just:


vcreate --tage 2500 net0

to try and troubleshoot the problem but the reset occurs before I get the shell prompt. Here is the funny thing. If I type the Ctrl-B sequence, I can get to the ipxe prompt. From there if I type the vcreate, dhcp and chain commands manually at the commandline, it all works (!?). Any ideas why the commands in a script would cause a system reset where interactive entry of the same commands works fine?

This could be a bug. I would suggest you report it on the mailing-list.
Will do. I got it working today by stripping out some features we don't use (iSCSI, FCOE sanboot) and recompiling the undionly.kpxe binary. Working fine now for anyone that might run into the same issue.
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