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Full Version: iPXE Wireless Support
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Good evening all. Onto another round of questions.

Started looking at utilising wireless boot this evening, but hit a bit of a snag. Using latest compiled git as at about 2 hours ago. ipxe.usb version with embedded script.

Script was essentially:

set net0/ssid WIFISSID
set net0/key WIFIKEY

It successfully connects to the wireless, downloads the ipxe menu over http without a problem, but none of the further options in the menu successfully load, it just displays the requested filename, and hangs. I haven't done any extensive testing yet, but two laptops (1x Sony, 1x Toshiba), both exhibited identical symptoms. The menu options are all http based, and range from sanboot ISO's to memdisk ISO & Images. Using one of the sanboot options it appears to register the SAN device, displayed the ISOLINUX message, 'then' hung. All of these menu options work fine if I revert to standard network boot via ethernet with undionly.

Any thoughts? I've already gone home for the night, but will do some more troubleshooting when I have time. Likewise I'll need to recheck if the two test units may have shared the same wireless chipset or not.
I think you might be running into some driver issues or possibly a networking setup issue. The best solution I can give you is to make a packet trace using wireshark/tcpdump and post a question to the mailing-list. Wireless PXE support is quite experimental, so don't expect too much. See this page for how to make a packet trace: http://ipxe.org/howto/pcap
Yeah, i've put further testing on hold for the moment since I know wireless drivers can be pretty finicky in the first place. Will do some more testing in a few months when I get motivated/have time again. I don't think it's a network setup issue as the Wifi AP is in bridge mode, and Apple NetBoots work fine over wireless aswell.

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