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Full Version: make error "No rule to make target"
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Hi, I have been trying to make a rom for an Intel NIC but failing. Below are the details.

lspci -n -s 00:19.0
00:19.0 0200: 8086:1503 (rev 04)

make make bin/80861503.rom

[DEPS] core/main.c
[DEPS] core/log.c
[DEPS] core/image.c
[DEPS] core/getkey.c
[DEPS] core/gdbudp.c
[DEPS] core/fnrec.c
[DEPS] core/exec.c
[DEPS] core/downloader.c
[DEPS] core/console.c
[DEPS] core/blockdev.c
make: *** No rule to make target `make'. Stop.

Any pointers to what is causing this errr would be apreciated.

Don't type make twice on the command line.
(2012-09-14 10:34)robinsmidsrod Wrote: [ -> ]Don't type make twice on the command line.

Wow, Thanks for pointing out my stupidity gracefully .... I can't believe I missed that Smile
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