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Full Version: Altiris 6.9/ iPXE subdirectory of TFTP server
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I'm running into a problem when setting up VMware Auto Deploy 5.1 use Altiris as the tftp/PXE server. I have successfully PXE booted a server into iPXE and get can get to the point where it tries to load the tramp file and chain the installer. The error I get is:

Filename: tramp

tftp://xx.x.x.xx/tramp. Operation not supported.

could not chain image: Operation not supported

The operation not supported is misleading as it appears that we are trying to load the "tramp" file at the root of the tftp server. The problem with that is Altiris allows menu options in the PXE loader and the tramp file is in a subdirectory. I can get the boot to work if I interrupt the boot via ctrl + b and then get the IP address, and manually type the commands that are in the tramp file.

I guess the question is, how do I get iPXE to reconize that tramp is not at the root of the tftp server and instead in a subdirectory.

Thanks, Josh
I guess the dhcp server should set the filename variable to "path/to/tramp" to load the file from a sub-directory.
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