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Full Version: Need some help with bootx64.efi and ipxe
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I have dhcp server A, tftpserver B, and tftpserver C

Client gets filename and next-server info from dhcp server A which points to tftpserver B. Then I chain to tftpserver C and try to load bootx64.efi on tftpserver C. That part works fine, but it then tries to load efidefault from tftpserver B instead of tftpserver C. I tried setting the filename and next-server settings, but it doesn't work. Is this just not supported or is something I am doing wrong?

The scripting features of iPXE is very limited in EFI mode. You should read http://ipxe.org/efi/vision to ensure what you're doing is actually supported. From what I have understood myself, only network card driver support is supposed to work in EFI mode. Maybe this is why you're having problems.

I would suggest using BIOS (legacy) mode and retry your test and see if it works okay in that mode. If it does, then it's quite obvious you've hit one of the features not supported (yet) in EFI mode.

If it doesn't work in BIOS mode then you should try setting the next-server+filename settings, plus try the set use-cached 1 setting to see if the app booting from tftpserver C will honor that setting. Please report back what you find out.
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