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Full Version: possible to insert image into Login screen?
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Is it possible to insert image in Login prompt?
I want to display company logo in prompt screen but have no idea at all.

Just give me a tip or guide...

Thank you in advance.
No, it is BIOS text-mode. No graphics are available (unless you want to do ascii-art). But the login command doesn't allow you to include any custom text. You'll have to use "echo" or "menu" command for that.
I'm going to bet that this gets asked for a LOT as people migrate their menu systems from pxelinux to your ipxe scripting system. It really is the only thing lacking and it is literally the ONLY thing (my) bosses seem to notice... their damned logo somewhere. When migrating my dynamic menusystem of hundreds of floppies from vesamenu to ipxe I came across quite a few people around the web asking the same thing. It's also the only difference my users noticed, despite improvements almost everywhere else in the system due to switching.
It's not going to happen anytime soon, I'd guess. Code size is extremely important, and adding a graphical subsystem is not trivial, neither in size or time investment. If you need graphics, you'll just have to use syslinux's vesamenu.
You can re-enable the old comboot (vesamenu) support if you custom compile. Theres some info at the end of this thread.


Otherwise yeah, i think you're stuck with ascii graphics or plain text.
For those of you that find this post through a web search, iPXE now has support for background PNG images using the console command. Yay!
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