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Full Version: Default iPXE.iso does not suppor EFI?
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Just want to confirm the default iPXE.iso does not support EFI CDROM boot? I have tried using the iPXE.iso image on a number of VMware based VMs, VMware Player 9, etc., and the EFI CDROM seems to ignore the ISO? So the bootstrap on the iPXE.iso ignored by EFI boot from CDROM?
You are correct. The public download of ipxe.iso only works in legacy BIOS mode. If you need EFI binaries, roms and such you'll have to compile them yourselves. Be aware that most of the fancy features of ipxe are not available in EFI mode. It's basically a large network card driver package you can use to give your EFI environment support for more hardware. You'll still need to use normal EFI methods to load files from the network. Read http://ipxe.org/efi/vision for a better overview.
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