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Full Version: adding a delay on error to undionly.kpxe
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I have an existing production WDS Linux setup, that I don;t want to "break" before I can get iPXE working...

I have built iPXE from git

I am chainloading iPXE fronm WDS Linus, and using the userclass ipxe to specify an iSCSI iqn using the starwind iSCSI target.

I see the attempt to connect to the target, fail and then "instantly" return to my WDSLinux menu.

I have confirmed with a different initiator that I can connect to the target.

Trying to catch the error with the break key is nigh on impossible

I've tried using an iPhone to capture it, but the refresh happens to quickly for it to capture it (multiple overwritten smeared lines as it scrolls up)

Is there a configure/build option I can use to put a delay into the boot process, so when it either fails, or even just on completion, it waits for user input ?
In your boot script;

Add a
after commands you want to examine,

and a
sleep 3
in between each problem command.
I "fixed" it a different way, by rebuilding with syslog output :-)
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