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Full Version: qnap iSCSI and boot iPXe
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I want start by PXE diskless windows XP. With help http://windowsdiskless.wordpress.com/ i've configure windows server 2003
with san iscsi , create img windows xp and it work.

But now i have qnap 419U with iSCSI and few days try find information how to configure it for working with
ipxe and img file, and how configure conf.ipxe for booting from qnap Iscsi target?
Maybe there is the other way to do that ?

Thanks for help
Piotr Lacki
The iPXE configuration should be no different than the Windows way. You'll need to find QNAP's documentation for its iSCSI configuration and go from there. This is a narrow field, and tutorials are not always available. Sometimes you have to write them yourself.
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