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Full Version: Diskless Windows 7 iSCSI boot freezing at startup
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I installed win7 on a iSCSI target successfully, but when the windows restart, it was freezing at startup splash screen, what can I do, Thanks a lot!
I suggest you start Windows in debug mode (hold Shift or hit F8 during bootup) and see what information shows up.

If it just takes long to come up I'd suggest you try a packet trace and see if it is actually hung or if data is flowing back and forth between the iscsi initiator and target. If you know how to use the Windows debugger you should of course use that method.

You can also try to wait overnight and see if any error message appears. Maybe your network is slow and things take time to happen.
Check to see if "caps lock" works, it could just be that it is taking (a lot) longer than you expect.
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