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Full Version: Neat "if exists" method for iPXE Scripts...
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Using initrd to function as an “if file exists” Boolean Determinor:
set boot-path ${17}/Media-Depot/linux/VMware/4.1/ESX/HP/Z7550-00801
set config-path ${boot-path}/KickStart

initrd ${boot-path}/KickStart/${uuid}.cfg && goto stage2 || goto menu-option

imgfree ${uuid}.cfg
echo Booting VMware ESX 4.1 Update 2 (OEM HP Z7550-00801)to Install to Local Disk for ${hostname}
initrd ${boot-path}/isolinux/initrd.img
chain ${boot-path}/isolinux/vmlinuz vmkopts=debugLogToSerial:1 mem=512M ks=${config-path}/${uuid}.cfg

chain ${17}/NetBoot/iPXE/ipxelinux.cfg/default/default.ipxe
That's a neat trick!
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