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Full Version: USB support
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Is it possible to add usb-device support to iPXE? What i can start from?
how i can add code to exist one and compile iPXE to support wifi usb-stick?
iPXE doesn't support any USB-based network adapters, neither cabled or wireless. If you have C skills and interest in trying to create generic USB support in iPXE, then I think it's better to ask this question on the developer mailing-list. The people that know and understand the innards of the codebase can be found there. If you have money and want to fund this feature contact fensystems.co.uk.
It does now.. at least in a github branch.

iPXE, demo of USB Ethernet Adapter support
USB support is starting to arrive in mainline iPXE. See http://forum.ipxe.org/showthread.php?tid...3#pid11323 for more details.
Hey. i was wondering wich USB2-ether is fully supported to PXE-boot from? If any, does it work with the current version of IPXE?
I'm looking for a universal type of USB2-ether wich i can use to PXE-boot from various ultrabooks. My understanding at this point is that because of the driver lack in the bios the USB2-ether wont be recognized.

I was hoping that IPXE had implemented their own USB2-ether drivers wich will be recognized by the IPXE. The next step will be to boot from tftp or ftp.
Could you please help me with my question?
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