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Full Version: Is there an iPXE equivilant to gpxelinux.0?
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The traditional netboot process for Linux uses the pxelinux.0 file provided by syslinux.org . gPXE is also available using the gpxelinux.0 file, which is included with the syslinux RPM on EL systems.

Does iPXE provide an 'ipxelinux.0' equivalent of the gpxelinux.0 file? What would be the advantage of using 'ipxelinux.0' over the standard pxelinux.0 file?
There is a link on http://ipxe.org/examples that shows how to build ipxelinux.0. Personally I prefer to have them both separate, so that I have more flexibility in how I perform the boot process. That is just personal opinion, though.
Thanks, not sure how I missed that.

From your description, it sounds like feature set provided by ipxelinux.0 is equivalent to the feature set provided by iPXE which was built with an embedded pxelinux.0 . I've seen plenty of mention about gpxelinux.0 , and some mention about ipxelinux.0 , but I just don't understand why someone would want to use either. What am I missing?

-= Stefan
Ah, I suppose that using gpxelinux.0 & ipxelinux.0 will allow admins to use their existing syslinux menus, which includes booting from http:// , per the examples here:

Indeed, it does allow you to use http: URLs in pxelinux without a lot of changes (just swap out pxelinux.0 with ipxelinux.0, possibly renamed, and you're done). I've always tried to keep them separate as it gives more flexibility in how you build your netboot environment.
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