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Full Version: UEFI and iPXE
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I am trying to UEFI: IPv4 PXE boot into clonezilla via iPXE.

This machine is an Acer AIO which does not have legacy BIOS support. But I would also like to see if EFI PXE booting is a possibility for future machines.

I updated dhcp.conf to serve snponly.efi (http://rom-o-matic.eu), which I embedded to point at our server http://server.local/ipxe.menu

So far the menu is displayed and looks good, however if I try to load something I get the error http://ipxe.org/error/2e008001

echo Booting Clonezilla Live 2.0.1-1-i686-pae
set base-url ${boot-url}/clonezilla
kernel ${base-url}/clonezilla-live-2.0.1-1-i686-pae/vmlinuz
initrd ${base-url}/clonezilla-live-2.0.1-1-i686-pae/initrd.img
imgargs vmlinuz root= etc etc ..................
boot || goto failed
goto start

set 210:string tftp://${next-server}/
chain ${210:string}pxelinux.0 || goto failed
goto start

Both get the error message "Could not boot: Exec file error http://ipxe.org/error/2e008001"

Is this not supported yet? Or am I doing the wrong way?

Kind regards
If you have a look at http://ipxe.org/err/2e0080 you'll see that there are some suggestions on how to proceed. I would suggest you add imgstat; prompt right before the boot line to see if you have the right files loaded in memory when you're supposed to start. I see you're using my menu structure, which might mean you have some script files in memory that you need to free first. imgstat should reveal that. Also ensure you have execution support for the binaries you want to start. I'm unsure if you need an intermediate loader or not when you use UEFI to load Linux kernels. I'm not sure, but maybe the kernel also must support UEFI interfaces. I'm not sure if the clonezilla kernel has that.

Did the iPXE boot from UEFI worked for you?

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