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Full Version: Please help me. What do I need and how ipxe amount on a NAS DS212J?
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I'm new to this and which do not understand almost nothing, so I turn to you to help me to implement a nas iPXE DS212J with DSM 4.2-3211.
I have read and seen several topics on the forum to try to understand but the truth is that I so dizzy info.

The intention of this is to make any network installations. Iso of the OS XP, 7.8, and images Distro linux OS installed with the ATIH 2012.

I tried to PXE, but did not know how to compile the default file pxeconfig.0.

I see iPXE is better, faster and without much roll.

Thank you.
Have a look at networkboot.org and the ipxe.org/examples page. They both have a decent amount of information on how to get started with netbooting in general and iPXE in particular. On the getting started page on networkboot.org there are links to tutorials on how to setup DHCP and TFTP for a basic setup.
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