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Full Version: Does WIMBOOT work with the current 'preview' editions of Windows PE?
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Just asking because I'm getting 'no embedded bootmgr.exe found' failures when using source files built from the Windows 8.1 Preview ADK.

If there's a way to add a new bootmgr.exe signature to look for, it would make me a very happy camper.

Of course, I could just be being a big bozo and missing something dumb, but this appears to be the problem.

I've uploaded the latest 'bootmgr' file _temporarily_ to my office dropbox so you can grab it and peek (or you could install the latest ADK, which is free for the taking from Microsoft).

I just verified that the error goes away when I bump back down to Server 2012 sources (instead of 2012 R2 Preview). If you want to skip the 'preview' release, that's fine with me.
Hi Mangeek,

Dont know if it will help but I generate my Winpe using the windows 8.1 preview (not the ADK, the full O.S) and it works fine with wimboot.

I made a batch here (http://reboot.pro/topic/18744-quickpe/) that will offer one to use either MS WAIK or MS ADK, or windows dvd or windows iso.
I downloaded latest windows 8.1 preview and used it to generate my winpe.

I do know that Microsoft changed their compression of the bootmgr binary inside bootmgr.exe at least one time, so they might've done it again. Unless you specifically need the features of the newer WinPE I'd recommend you use one of the older ones, or actually use the bootmgr binary (without extension) which is usually found inside the PXE subdir on the ISO instead of bootmgr.exe, which is a wrapped binary.
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