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Full Version: chainloading grub4dos from ipxe
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I am testing the chailoading of grub4dos from ipxe.

The following works :
chain ${boot-url}/grub.exe --config-file="rootnoverify (hd0);chainloader +1"

The below does not :
chain ${boot-url}/grub.exe keeppxe --config-file="pxe detect;chainloader --force --raw (pd)/startrom.0"

I tried with or without pxe keep : no change.
I tried with or without --force : no change.
I tried with or without keeppxe : no change.
I tried 0.4.4 and 0.4.6 : no change.

Is chainloading grub4dos (grub.exe) from ipxe while using the (pd) grub4dos device possible?

I think you will find more help in the grub forums/mailing-lists for this particular problem. It seems grub is able to start up in both cases, which means the issue is mostly grub and a bit ipxe. What are you actually trying to do? What's your end goal?
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