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Full Version: Booting ipxe from oschooser in WDS
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We have WDS servers, we would like to ipxe completely, but we cannot go for a "big bang" approach. What we would like to do is add an option in oschooser to be able to boot to ipxe. We currently boot pxelinux.0 and windows (obviously), but every time we select the option for ipxe we get:

Waiting for reboot

Reboot Failed ...Press Alt+Ctrl+Delete to reboot.

The message appears instantly. The path is correct to ipxe.pxe. From doing a wireshark trace, the WDS server sends 63 packets at 512kb and on the 64th repeats the data packet four times and then errors with a timeout in the trace.
Is oschooser able to run PXE binaries directly? If not, I'm assuming you'd have to wrap ipxe into some kind of container that will allow oschooser to run it. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with oschooser, so I'm not able to help you more.
Hi Robin

Me again. The oschooser is (as you probably know) part of WDS. The oschooser allows you to boot wims or pxelinux.0. I was wondering the same as you if WDS could understand the ipxe binaries. I think it doesn't know how to interpret them, but the network trace is ominous when it fails at the 64th block. Maybe the issues will go away with an upgrade of the ipxe binaries


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