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Full Version: Newbie on PXE/iPXE - help with wifi
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I'm newbie on PXE boot: have read about it, but never implemented such solution before. I'd like to run a few test with iPXE, in order to implement a few diskless wireless clients. So, I burned the iPXE CD and both the wired (net0) and wireless (net1) NICs seemed to be found. So... What do I do now? I'm wasn't able do get an IP address over DHCP yet. Do you guys recomend some iPXE wifi how-to or something like that?



I would recommend you start out with wired network first. Wireless is a bit trickier and there are lots of places to fall over. There are some tutorials linked over at http://networkboot.org, which you might find helpful.

The checklist is like this:
1. Setup a DHCP server on your local network to provide IP address and location of TFTP server and boot filename.
2. Setup a TFTP server that can provide the boot filename. Your DHCP server must point to this one.
3. Compile ipxe.pxe or undionly.kpxe (see http://rom-o-matic.eu/ if you don't have a Linux system available) and put it on the TFTP server.

Alternatively you can use the iPXE CD (ipxe.iso) instead of step 2 and 3. The above method is called "chainloading" and is described here: http://ipxe.org/howto/chainloading

Once this is working you can start with some iPXE scripting. You can find various examples at http://ipxe.org/examples. The scripts can be located on either the TFTP server or on a web server (HTTP). There are other options also, but that is for the more advanced.
Could you plz let know the network card detected. Make and model of wireless card.
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