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Full Version: wimboot compatibility with Windows 8.1
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I've noticed wimboot isn't able to take bootmgr from Windows 8.1
It crashes with a "no embedded bootmgr.exe found". Is there a fix planned?

I also suspect that this is one of the reasons why custom boot images don't work too well, but i don't have any definite proof on that.
You'll need to use the real bootmgr.exe instead of the one wrapped inside bootmgr, as the windows 8.1 compression is not (yet) supported. Try to unpack the generated files and look for a PXE directory. It should contain a file called bootmgr.exe. You can just use that one instead of bootmgr (without extension).

I've got no information on when the Windows 8.1 version of bootmgr might be supported in wimboot. I would suggest you ask on the mailing-list if/when it's going to be supported.
How do i open bootmgr into bootmgr.exe?


found in
Another location for bootmgr.exe is also mentioned in the FAQ found here: http://forum.ipxe.org/showthread.php?tid=5948
wimboot v1.0.4 has just been released, which should fix this problem.

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