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Full Version: iPXE infiniband driver vs. openSM interop. problem
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I'm trying to set up latest git version of iPXE to boot over Infiniband. Using MT26428 Hermon in
client machine. Testing with openSM on server and as variant of test old Topspin internal SM.
MT26428 is connected to QL/Silverstorm-12800 fabrick. iPXE recompiled with all relevant IB
debug on.
Problem: IB link is first in DOWN state, after some driver work comes to INIT state. Then see
MI debugs TX and RX logs and status 0000 . After some tryes iPXE gives up and shuts down
interface. Link never comes into ARMED or ACTIVE state.
Possible reason is communication to SM. When SM is down, no MI debug printed (and also
no action on link ;-) )

In case of booting Linux over Eth. and activating IB, mlx4 driver, IB is fully functional. That's
why I think about bug in iPXE IB layer.

Does have somebody experiencen with this setup or some idea (before I start detailed debug
of iPXE IB layer)

THX :-)
This seems like an issue that is better to ask directly to the developers on the mailing-list. Might be a buggy driver, but I don't have any experience with Infiniband, so I don't really know.
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