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Full Version: wimboot issues with physical servers
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I am trying to install windows server 2012. Followed instructions from http://ipxe.org/wimboot.

After loading all files i just get a blank screen. I have seen this issue discussed in other posts
(http://lists.ipxe.org/pipermail/ipxe-dev...2176.html, http://forum.ipxe.org/showthread.php?tid=7121, http://forum.ipxe.org/showthread.php?tid=7085) but with no definitive solution. I added the missing font files but still same issue.

The same task works fine on a VM hosted on Xen but gives a blank screen on a physical server.

Any help is appreciated.

Upgrade to wimboot 1.0.5, which forces text mode, which should allow you to see the actual error message regardless of fonts specified.
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