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Full Version: Problem with certificates
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(2014-07-23 13:12)welty Wrote: [ -> ]woowwwww, it works with "SSLVerifyClient require" and "SSLVerifyDepth 1" directives outside of the <Directory> !!

That makes some sense. If the SSLVerifyClient applies only to a specific directory (either via .htaccess or via <Directory>), then the server won't ask for a certificate until after it knows which directory the client is trying to access. At that point it would have to renegotiate, since there's no other way to ask for a client certificate once the TLS session has already been established.

There is a known plaintext-injection attack when renegotiation is enabled. Implementing renegotiation in iPXE would be relatively straightforward, but I'm not sure if it would substantially weaken the security, so I don't really want to do it until I understand the implications.

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