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Full Version: Sanboot on ZFS
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I have an idea about combining ZFS COW/clone/snapshot natural and SANboot. The ZVOL target should not be created until we hit the menu.

This is my prototype demo and code: http://youtu.be/gu_5dCHnfx8
Cool concept! Could you share your configuration and information on how you did this? Especially the backend scripts dealing with setting up the zfs volumes?
hi pokkys,

we have done this with jentu :-)

http://jentu.net -> http://vimeo.com/113845082
also i thought it would be good to mention, his code is linked to in his youtube :-)
My code : https://github.com/chenpc/zanboot

I am moving the code to Nexenta Plugin

I don't know the Jentu's file system.

But using ZFS will save the RAM usage of a clone image.

Every clone of image share the same ARC cache.

If you clone 100 copies of a 40G image, it just take one copy of RAM.
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