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Full Version: How is bootmgr.exe being run by wimboot?
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I am interested in booting Windows from GPT on BIOS systems. First we found that as long as bootmgr exists on an MBR partition, the Windows directory can exist on GPT with no issues. Then it was found that loading a floppy image with memdisk works. Recently I succeeded in using wimboot for this purpose from Grub2.

I understand that wimboot works by spoofing an MBR disk with the contents specified. Having dug into bootmgr.exe, I found all the capability to boot from GPT, it seems that the 16-bit header is causing the problem.

So I want to run bootmgr.exe directly, the way wimboot does. I have read the source and got a fair idea of the high-level procedure, but have no idea how initrd is defined and passed to it.

Other than that, would I just be able to load it in memory, find the PE entry point, and jump to it? Assuming I'm already in 32-bit flat addressing mode... ? Does that mean any number of other parameters can be passed to it?

Thanks in advance
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