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Full Version: xenserver unattended install with iPXE
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I'm trying to install xenserver 6.2.0 on my server, and I want to use iPXE. My server doesn't have cd-rom and integrated network controller is busted, but iPXE works with my wireless card. I had no luck with creating reliable USB boot stick, and on top of that it is a headless server with no video output, therefore my options are pretty much limited to iPXE unattended install through wireless connection.

In xenserver documentation there is a guide on how to perform install using PXE, but if I understand correctly it won't directly apply to how to perform iPXE installation. What I'd need to do to make it work? I understand that it might just be possible, but is it feasible for me to do it, if my experience with PXE/iPXE/xenserver is limited? Please point me in the right direction.

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If it is a headless server, you'll still need to find a way to get to the console. Does it have support for serial console? If so, you should use that.

Other than that, to boot into the xenserver installation you should be using something like this: http://ipxe.org/appnote/xenserver

To get a wireless adapter to boot, you'll need to add an embedded script that sets ssid and key before it ifopens the wireless network interface. Although that would probably get you into the xenserver installer, my guess is that the xenserver installer has no way to get network connectivity with just a wifi adapter. You'll probably need to add a USB NIC of some kind to attach it with a cable. Unfortunately that USB NIC would not be supported by iPXE (yet), so you're kinda left with a beast of a boot method.

If this is a one-off, I'd rather just install xenserver with a usb stick if you're just interested in getting the job done.
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