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Full Version: Boot ISO over http with NETBOOT only?
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I need to achieve to boot ISO over http:\\ with NETBOOT from the BIOS. Without using any other boot device ie. USB,HD,CD.

So i cannot store the DHCP settings on any boot device.

Can this be done?

I have a standard wireless netgear router with DHCP but i understand not enough to pass to TFTP. I understand there is DD-WRT extended firmware for certain routers to be able to store PXE settings to pass to TFTP over the net but it doesn't support my router.

I was thinking if iPXE is in the Network ROM i can boot DHCP from there.

What are my possible options?

(2014-09-07 14:16)teatree Wrote: [ -> ]So i cannot store the DHCP settings on any boot device.

Generally, DHCP settings are stored on the DHCP server, rather than the boot device itself. (That's basically the whole point of DHCP).

If you aren't able to configure your DHCP server then you can use an iPXE embedded script to include options within the iPXE ROM.

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