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Full Version: Install really necessary?
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Hi There,

As with the newest version of Windows 8.1 there was a feature added to dism (i think) were you can boot windows from a wim file located on your harddrive. I know with winpe it is already possible to boot windows over http but can it work with a persistent installation or windows to go as well?

mounting somehow a http path as harddisk and booting windows from the web? Making sure changes get uploaded via http(s) as well?

Please leave your ideas Smile

If you're looking for persistent. wimboot won't work for you. You're going to need to go to AoE (ATA over ethernet). Instructions for how this can be accomplished can be found here:

jrsmile: Your question is not really related to network-booting, as iPXE has no real support for reading local storage. You might find some answers over on the forums at http://reboot.pro/.
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