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Full Version: etherboot (gpxe) site is down
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Sorry to post this here but I suspect there are people here who might know what is going on with the legacy gpxe/etherboot project.

Does anyone know how to contact the maintainer of the gPXE project, particularly the rom-o-matic.net site? I would like to volunteer to host a mirror site of it. Please contact me directly at jinzishuai@gmail.com

Thanks a lot,
Thank you.
This is very useful information.

By the way, is there any place for the old gpxe based rom-o-matic site and its source?

Thanks a lot,
jinzishuai: I believe the old rom-o-matic.net code for gPXE is available under the contrib dir in the gPXE source.

But you shouldn't really be using it. Switch to rom-o-matic.eu and iPXE instead. It's maintained.
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