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Full Version: Installation not working with existing partition
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I use a Synology NAS wit iPXE and i followed http://ipxe.org/howto/winpe instructions.

Al is working fine and Windows 8 install fine in VMWare.

But when i shutdown the VMware Windows 8 and try to start all over with an existing Windows installed the second time it is not working.

WinPE is booting fine
I can use net use to map to my NAS for the windows files and when i start SETUP nothing happens and after a while the windows (WinPE) prompt is back.

When i delete the existing partition with DiskPart i can start Setup again.

Why is the setup not working if there is already a partition. I don't want to delete the partition there but in Windows installation itself so i can save other ones like D: E: etc.
You don't specify if you're installing Windows to a local drive or an iSCSI volume. Regardless this doesn't seem to be directly related to iPXE. Have you verified that you don't experience the issue if you try to install from the same WinPE when loaded via a (virtual) DVD? It does seem like your partitioning scheme is causing the windows installer to be confused. I would check X:\Windows\panther\setupact.log for error messages related to the installer. Use Shift-F10 to get a command prompt to type commands when in WinPE. You can find more information about WinPE log files here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/libra...10%29.aspx
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