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Full Version: WimBoot - No Longer Works (2.3.0) - HP DL360p Gen8
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It seems the new revisions of HP 360p Gen8 being shipped lately, do not support wimboot anymore.

I've tried all versions and all them have issues, they show a RSOD with win2k8 or a blank screen with win2k12 (after it load the installation files, with the progress bar for both versions).

2K8 [RSOD]
[Image: ib1kBfGUnf0e1y.png]

The images are working 100% fine in other servers of the same family and even the same generation, the problem has started happening in the last units, shipped in the last 60-90 days.

Not sure what is causing that, but it seems to be related with a bios update they've made some months ago.


I can install it, using the real windows 2008 or 2012 DVD. The problem is doing it via wimboot only.
I've also downgraded the BIOS and it doesn't works (even using the first BIOS revision), the problems are all the same.
Problem is fixed as of wimboot v2.4.0.

Thanks for all the debugging work!

Never say never Big Grin ! Problem 100% Fixed. Thanks for everything !
It is worth to remember, that we also had to start using the "kpxe" image of ipxe, instead of "kkpxe", it because for a few server revisions it works better and without issues.
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