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Full Version: attach multiple san device
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hi all~~

i'm struggling to attach multiple san device.

is there anybody to attach multiple san device successfully???

details of devices are
- first is device only installed windows 7
- second is device stored additional user data

my ipxe script is
sanhook --drive 0x81 iscsi:
sleep 5
sanboot iscsi:

the result is that windows is booted up successfully, but the other device(user data) is not attached.

user data device is not appear in "iSCSI initiator" window.

have a nice day!
You can't currently hook more than one SAN device. The int13_describe() function will unhook any previously hooked drives when it is invoked. I'm not exactly sure _why_ it does this. From what I understand, the iSCSI boot specification allows for multiple devices to be described. You should probably ask the developers on the mailing-list or IRC for a reason.
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