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Full Version: ipxe failover to USB not working
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I made a USB stick of Windows 7 Pro. I am using ASUS B85-PLUS motherboard. It is OK to boot the USB as the first booting device both SATA or EFI. It is OK to failover to boot the DVD as the second booting device when I boot from IPXE blank iscsi volume. But when I set up the USB as the second booting device and hoping to failover to the USB, I am failed. Some please help me. I need boot from USB instead of DVD.
It is OK to failover to DVD but I cannot find any iscsc drives and I clearly saw the message says target has been registered.
Then I was trying to load the network card driver, I failed again. There is no hope to install Windows 7 on a iscsi target via IPXE for ASUS B85-PLUS motherboard.

Seems the same problem as http://forum.ipxe.org/showthread.php?tid=7356


If you want to install Windows onto an iSCSI volume you need to boot in legacy bios mode (sanboot/sanhook not yet supported on UEFI) and you need to follow the how-to at http://ipxe.org/howto/winpe which explains. You need to put your windows installer files on a network share (samba or windows file sharing). I could of course also load these files via USB after having booted up WinPE via wimboot, but what is the fun in that?
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